Smart Devices

When the internet first became available to the general public, the only way to access it was through personal computers. These were heavy and cumbersome objects that provided very little portability.

There has been a significant shift towards making the internet available via increasingly smaller devices. It took a fair amount of time for this tech to become as popular as it is today. In the modern world, a large proportion of the general public owns a smart device. This could be in the form of a phone or tablet.

However, there has been a recent resurgence in so-called dumb phones, devices which have minimal functionality. This is because some people believe that smart devices cause screen addiction. Therefore, it is fair to say that owners of newer phones will often spend too long staring at them.

Despite these issues, smart devices can be seen as a valuable tool for advancing society. It is possible to answer emails, read documents and upload high definition images from practically anywhere in the world. Whether or not this tech is a force for good, will largely depend on how the owner utilises it.