Using the internet to get healthier

These days everyone is looking for quick and easy ways to improve their health and the internet offers a range of options to suit people of all ages and fitness levels.

Online exercise classes

Let’s face it – these days joining a gym can be a bit expensive and not always convenient. Anyone who is busy with work and home may find it difficult to fit gym visits into their schedule. With so many online exercise classes available why bother? From free sites like YouTube, to subscription sites run by personal trainers, there is something for everyone.

It is important to remember that even if you are making the most of online exercise classes you will still need to have the right activewear. The correct activewear will allow you to move freely and complete all of the exercises comfortably and it does not have to be expensive. Activewear can be as simple as a t-shirt and a pair of leggings, but it is recommended that you opt for sport specific wear if you are doing anything more than walking or basic aerobic workouts.

Monitor progress

The internet and various apps can also be used to help you to monitor your progress in improving your fitness and overall health. Devices such as Fitbit and other monitors will record data for you about how long you exercise and how many calories you’ve burned. You can then use this to determine if your exercise is getting easier. You can also use them to monitor your weight, heart rate and even sleep patterns.

Weight loss

Almost all of the leading weight loss groups have online options for those who cannot make it to a physical class. All of the information that you need to follow the diet will be online on the website and you can enter your own weight each week so that you can see your weight loss progress. You can also find a wide array of weight loss products online.

This will include anything from meal replacement diets, such as shakes, soups and bars, to supplements that are designed to prevent your body absorbing too much fat from your diet to ones that are designed to support your metabolism. It is important to remember that not all supplements are created equal, but when you are doing your research, the internet will be your most valuable tool. There is a range of reviews that you should read along with as much information as you can find on the individual ingredients in them.

Becoming fitter and healthier is so much easier if you make the most of the resources that are available to you, and these days you do not have to look too far. The internet is packed with everything that you need to succeed.

Online Streaming

Streaming has undoubtedly had a significant impact on the entertainment industry. It is seen as a more convenient alternative to downloading. Instead of waiting to receive the entire file, the user gets to start the movie or TV show immediately.

Streaming is now the most prevalent form of video-on-demand service. It has evolved into a multi-billion pound industry. Many news publications, including Sky, have explored the main reasons for this. Users often have to pay monthly subscriptions to access the content. If there is an extensive catalogue, it will tend to be more cost-effective than buying physical media.

It is now common for new films to be released in cinemas and on streaming services at the same time. This shows how far the latter has come. In fact, a large number of high profile movies and shows have been created exclusively for specific streaming companies.

Despite this, there are signs that it is losing popularity. Numerous new streaming companies have been created in recent years. As a result, online content has been scattered. It may be hard for some users to find particular shows or films that they like.

The Rise of Online Video Games

The ability for players to connect with other internet users has made a big impression on the video game industry. Older games typically featured a central story mode and sometimes the ability for players to connect extra controllers for a multiplayer experience. Today a large number of popular titles focus mainly on online play.

This shift has actually coincided with the medium becoming more recognised as a legitimate art form. There is even a BAFTAs award solely for video games. A plethora of genres has been spawned in recent years. When it comes to online play, some of the most popular games include first-person shooters, role-playing and strategy titles.

It is possible to play internet-based games on numerous different devices. Some people prefer to utilise a PC as it can give them a greater level of freedom. The interface features a mouse and keyboard. However, consoles are also popular. They require the user to play via a controller. Now that smartphones have become more advanced, gamers can enjoy high-quality video games on them. In fact, cross-platform online play is available.

Typically when someone boots up an online game, they are taken to a lobby before it starts. They are grouped together with various players for the purpose of either working together or against each other. The length and nature of a game will depend on the title. A lot of video games allow players to unlock special abilities and character skins as they progress.

Virtual Reality

When people have discussions about the future of the internet, virtual reality will often be brought up. This is a simulated experience created via a headset. The user’s vision and hearing are affected by the device. As a result, they could view a digital space that is either similar or significantly different to the real world.

In the past, VR was mainly used for creating video games. However, websites such as the BBC have reported how it could have other online applications. For example, it may become the dominant interface for accessing the internet. If this occurs, then websites would need to update their looks significantly. So far, VR has already been utilised in medicine, education and the automotive industry.

Haptic feedback is used in newer headsets to make interactions with the digital space appear more authentic. For example, if the user bumps into a virtual wall, the device could emit vibrations. In the past, such tech may have merely been regarded as a method of recreation. However, several high profile companies have stated their desire to use VR in practical ways. It seems likely that these firms will start to compete with each other to develop the most popular types of virtual reality devices.

Smart Devices

When the internet first became available to the general public, the only way to access it was through personal computers. These were heavy and cumbersome objects that provided very little portability.

There has been a significant shift towards making the internet available via increasingly smaller devices. It took a fair amount of time for this tech to become as popular as it is today. In the modern world, a large proportion of the general public owns a smart device. This could be in the form of a phone or tablet.

However, there has been a recent resurgence in so-called dumb phones, devices which have minimal functionality. This is because some people believe that smart devices cause screen addiction. Therefore, it is fair to say that owners of newer phones will often spend too long staring at them.

Despite these issues, smart devices can be seen as a valuable tool for advancing society. It is possible to answer emails, read documents and upload high definition images from practically anywhere in the world. Whether or not this tech is a force for good, will largely depend on how the owner utilises it.


It undoubtedly took some time for people to realise how useful the internet can be for making money. The act of buying and selling goods electronically has completely changed the financial landscape. The use of online tech for this purpose is often referred to as eCommerce.

News publications such as The Guardian have chronicled the rise of eCommerce over the years. In its current form, customers order items to be shipped and delivered to their address. They pay using digital means such as bank cards or e-wallets. Recently cryptocurrencies have also begun to be accepted by online retailers.

There are plenty of reasons why eCommerce has proven to be so popular. Customers appreciate the added convenience of purchasing goods with just the click of a button. They do not even need to leave the house. Furthermore, the internet provides users with a greater variety of choices. Practically all big brands have an online store.

Independent retailers often find the eCommerce business model to be more cost-effective than traditional ones. In the past, they would need to pay to maintain a bricks and mortar store. There may have been significant overheads due to staff pay and utilities. Furthermore, the reach of the brand would be far shorter compared to online shops. As the costs of running high street businesses become more expensive, an increasing number of companies have moved exclusively to the internet.

No one is certain what the future of eCommerce will be. However, thanks to its profitability, this trend is unlikely to disappear anytime soon. In fact, it appears that internet retail will eventually become the primary method for selling goods to the general public.

Internet Security

Cybercrime is a legitimate issue that many people have to deal with each year. If someone falls victim to a hacker, they could have their sensitive data stolen. Identity thieves will often use the internet to gain confidential information. It is therefore vital that all online users take the necessary steps to stay as safe as possible.

Over the years, the nature of cybercrime has evolved significantly. There are new forms of malware designed to attack vulnerabilities in computer systems. Therefore, anti-virus and firewall software needs to be updated regularly. The best products of this type are constantly improving so that hackers struggle to get past them.

Everyone will undoubtedly have a preference when it comes to the internet browser that they use daily. From time to time, newer versions will come out with in-built protection. Fake websites are known to be hazardous. Therefore, it is best to upgrade the browser every time a new version is released.

A surprising number of people do not know how to create an effective password. The more complex it is, the harder it will be for hackers to guess it. It is an excellent idea to combine letters, numbers and punctuation marks. At the same time, it should be memorable to the user.

If a password is cracked, the damage can be minimised by having different ones for each service. For example, the user could create unique ones for their banking, streaming, email and social media accounts. Tech-savvy people change their passwords on a monthly basis just in case. Banks will never contact a user asking them for their password. It should always be a secret that only the user knows.

In recent years browsers have developed the ability to remember login details. This is convenient and time saving for some people. However, it is not always safe. While re-entering the details will take longer, it also creates an added layer of security.

People who know how to spot fake emails are less likely to fall for dangerous scams. Therefore it is worth researching common examples. While security systems can sometimes fail, a surprising number of hacks have been achieved simply due to the error of users. It is never a good idea to open a suspicious-looking email.

Social Media

There have been many significant developments since the creation of the internet. The website Wikipedia contains plenty of information on them. Arguably the most important is the rise of social media. It is a form of interactive tech that connects multiple users together on one platform. In the past, it could only be accessed through web browsers. However, modern social media can also come in app form.

It allows people from all over the world to share information and ideas. This can take the form of text, videos, photos and interactive digital media. There is a wide variety of stand-alone social media types. However, they all tend to share standard features.

Each platform thrives on the online interactions of its users. When people migrate away from one form of social media, it will eventually become irrelevant. User-generated content is often called the lifeblood of these apps. In order to access it, the person usually has to create a profile. The network then connects them with other users.

A number of internet scholars have argued that this recent development is a force for good. Some types of popular social media have even been used to boost the sales of books. This is an interesting situation where a new form of culture has helped an older one to thrive. Users can also utilise these networks to raise money for charity or spread awareness of important issues. Social media has even become a vital tool for reporting the news.

However, there are several negative aspects to it. If a user spends too long engaging through their online profile, it may lead to internet addiction. In order to prevent this, numerous people have decided to shun the platforms altogether.

Controversy has also arisen regarding the reliability of the information on social media. It is important to fact check any news stories reported on these types of apps. In the past, the most popular forms of social media have been utilised as tools for disinformation campaigns. The ability to create online bots exacerbates the problem. It can often be challenging to determine if a user is real or not.